Danny Cook

Danny Cook stands in front of his house after discharging from Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana

Danny Cook came to Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana to regain his independence.

Danny Cook is a retired truck driver who turned his skills into a hobby and passion after retirement. Danny spends his days building relationships and transporting Ancilla College athletes to games and tournaments across the country. But a recent health issue put his passion on hold.

The symptoms left Danny alarmed and unsure of his future. He experienced extreme weakness and fatigue, difficulty walking, and trouble eating. A visit to a local emergency room provided a diagnosis. Danny was in acute renal failure.

Danny’s medical team determined he needed rehab. He confided in his family to help decide where to continue his recovery journey. They chose Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana.

“I’ve been motivated to go home so I can start working again and see my students,” Danny stated. “I’m lucky to be at RHNI and I’m so happy I chose this rehab.”

Danny credits the staff for having a major impact on his recovery. “Matt, one of the dietary team members, is so proud to work here. And it shows. I was not able to eat when I first came here because of my illness, so when I tasted the delicious food it almost made me cry.” Danny noted that the nursing and therapy teams kept him accountable for working hard and staying motivated during the toughest days.

“The CEO even came in and saw me every single day,” Danny added. “I sure am going to miss these people when I leave.”

Danny’s gratitude is apparent, and he remains motivated to continue getting stronger after discharge. He cannot wait to get back to traveling the country with his college athletes and spending time with his godson, Christopher.


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