Bernard “Bernie” Stinski

Bernie Stinski is congratulated during his discharge from RHNI

Bernie Stinki discharges from RHNI after rehabilitating from a stroke.

Bernard (Bernie) Stinski is a retired city worker and an avid musician. He spends his days playing guitar in his band Dragonlore, walking his dog at least two miles a day, and playing baseball. As Bernie put it, he was really just enjoying life until a recent health issue put his passion on hold.

The symptoms left Bernie extremely weak and falling asleep easily, but he blamed it on recent medication changes. A visit to the hospital revealed he had suffered a stroke. The diagnosis devastated Bernie and left him unsure of his future.

Bernie’s medical team determined he needed rehab. He was determined to return home independently and get back to enjoying his life. He chose Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana to help him reach his goals.

Bernie is motivated by his love for music and to always do the best he can. He appreciates all the staff at RHNI. The entire team made a positive impact on his recovery, but PT Louie stands out the most.

He is looking forward to returning to normal life with his Siberian Husky, Serena, and his neighbor, Carrie, who has been a Godsend.

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