Leroy Vankirk

Leroy Vankirk chose RHNI to help him regain his independence after a complicated spine surgery.

After a difficult spinal surgery, Leroy Vankirk, 80, set a goal to return to his busy lifestyle. Leroy still works part-time at a manufacturing company that he owns in Michiana. He loves pheasant hunting, golfing, and spending holidays with his family.

Leroy realized he needed rehab to regain his independence. His daughter and wife helped research safe facilities. They decided they could trust Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana with his care.

Since admitting to RHNI, the details his therapists put into each session has impressed Leroy. Leroy mentioned that the small things have been a huge help and motivator to return home to his family. This includes relearning how to put shoes on safely, shower, and do basic daily activities. Leroy particularly recognized Kim, his respiratory therapist. “She has been a delight to work with and always has a smile on her face,” he said.

Leroy also spoke about how his wife of 44 years, Charlene, is his biggest motivator. Returning to her is what pushes him to work hard in therapy every day.

Leroy’s hard work and dedication to getting back home is what we’re all about here at RHNI!

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