Ezequiel Flores

“I’m going to walk out of here when it comes time for me to leave.”

Ezequiel Flores of Bremen, IN is a hard-working and dedicated family man with strong roots in his community. He worked in the foundry at Bremen Castings and performed heavy lifting and general maintenance.

In September, Ezequiel progressively felt weaker and weaker. This weakness led to a severe fall at work and a trip to the emergency department at Saint Joseph Regional Medical Center. They admitted him with an acute axonal variant of Guillain-Barre Syndrome.

After spending several weeks in the hospital, Ezequiel’s condition continued to deteriorate. While in the hospital, he suffered acute respiratory failure due to pneumonia and ascending paralysis of all four of his extremities. Once he stabilized, Ezequiel came to Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana for intensive therapy and rehabilitation.

Upon admission, Ezequiel couldn’t move his extremities without maximum effort. During his therapy evaluations, he stated his goal, “I’m going to walk out of here when it comes time for me to leave.”

Close to 28 days later, and just two days before Thanksgiving, Ezequiel did just that. Not only was his rehabilitation successful, but he walked out on discharge day only needing a single-point cane. Congratulations on a job well done, Ezequiel! Everyone at RHNI is so proud of you and your motivation to get better!

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