Barbara Allen

Barbara Allen regained her strength at RHNI after suffering a stroke.

Barbara Allen lived a full and comfortable life with her family. Her daily routine consisted of working and raising her children with her loving husband. The life that she built was interrupted after she suffered a stroke.

Barbara was taken to Saint Joseph Hospital where she received her initial care. As she progressed, Barbara’s physician knew that she would need extended care before returning home. The staff explained to Barbara that she could get the therapy she needed at Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana.

Upon arrival at RHNI, Barbara’s therapy started right away with different exercises. She worked hard with her team of physical, occupational, and speech therapists on things like regaining strength in her arm. Her family provided a constant source of motivation, and getting back to her old life kept her going. Barbara also credits her progress to the RHNI staff.

“They helped me most by listening, having a good attitude, providing comfort, motivation, and most of all, making me feel welcomed.”

As Barbara continues to recover, she looks forward to returning home to her family and normal life. “I’m most excited about getting back to working, feeding myself, and learning to appreciate the little things in life like texting on the phone.”

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