James Sumption

As a previous patient at RHNI, James returned for continued care after he was diagnosed with a neurological disorder.

Before his illness, James Sumption spent his time outdoors, camping and marine boat watching. He enjoyed doing activities with his wife, Sue, and their large family. They have three grown children, two sons and one daughter, and eight grandchildren. But his entire lifestyle changed when James received his neurological diagnosis.

After spending time at Memorial Hospital, James’s physician knew that he would need to continue his recovery at another facility. As a previous patient of Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana, he knew he would receive a great level of care. He was transferred to RHNI where he started inpatient therapy.

Upon arrival, James had a lot of anxiety about falling, but the staff helped him overcome this fear. “Louie and Chris were the most helpful. They made me walk when I was afraid to and told me no slumping,” he explained. This helped him gain the confidence he needed to start walking again.

James worked on different exercises that would prepare him for independent living once he was discharged. Using the simulated vehicle in the therapy gym, he practiced getting in and out of the car. Thinking of being able to walk outside kept him motivated to complete these exercises. He continues to work hard so he won’t have to use assisted devices like his lift chair.

While staying at RHNI, James loved the food and was impressed with his meals every day. The street steak burrito was his favorite. “I want to thank everyone at RHNI for treating me well and helping me recover,” he stated. Another great thing about the facility is the ability to have visitors. It was so important to see his wife every day and to have her encourage him to do therapy. “RHNI is the #1 rehab in this part of the state,” he added.

Ready for warm weather, James looks forward to sitting on his front porch with Sue. His goal is to stay in shape and keep his bad days to a minimum. He wants to avoid any future trips to the hospital so he can spend time with his family and enjoy life.