Michelle Pyburn

Michelle Pyburn chose Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana for physical and occupational therapy.

Michelle Pyburn chose Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana for physical and occupational therapy.

In her own words, Michelle Pyburn “lived a pretty normal life” before her accident. “I worked all day and would go home after work. I was very independent and cared for myself,” Michelle noted.

After the accident, Michelle was unsure what the future held. “My sister…did lots of research as to what the next step in my recovery was going to be following the [short-term acute care] hospital.” Michelle’s sister began looking into rehabilitation hospitals in the area. When she found Rehabilitation Hospital of Indiana, Michelle recalled watching the facility’s construction. “Ironically, I passed by this place several times while it was being built,” she said. “I wondered what type of building it was going to be. I never thought that I would be staying here, receiving therapy!”

But Michelle is glad she did. “I don’t know where I would be if I didn’t come here.”

Family would be the fuel for Michelle’s recovery. “They are what keeps me motivated,” she said. “I haven’t seen them in two months and miss them dearly.” Michelle’s mother and sister, in particular, played key roles. “They have helped me get through my most difficult days. Times that I have felt too tired to work, I think of them and push myself to get through it. They have supported and motivated me to get better.”

In addition to her family, Michelle drew on her faith. “God also motivates me,” she said. “He gave me a second chance.”

While working on her recovery at RHNI, two staff members made a significant impact on Michelle. “Louie and Rachel, they have encouraged me and motivated me during therapy. Rachel is so compassionate. Having lost the ability to move my arm has been the most difficult thing to cope with, so Rachel has worked the hardest in trying to get me back to normal.”

“I feel very blessed to be here,” Michelle shared. “I have learned and gained so much. Everyone is amazing, friendly, and humble, from the nursing staff to housekeeping to the kitchen staff.”

Though Michelle is grateful for her stay at RHNI, she looks forward to returning home. “I am excited to get back to work. I miss my co-workers very much. I miss my consumers a lot, too. I am very committed and dedicated to my job. Not having that face-to-face contact is not only hard on my consumers, but it is hard on me, as well.”