Darlene Sibberson

When Darlene Sibberson suffered a stroke, her hobbies of cooking and writing came to a halt. Darlene was afraid she would not be able to write her name in cursive or enjoy her freedom of mobility anymore. When she knew she needed rehab, her family started researching facilities in town. They noticed that RHNI had great ratings. Darlene stated, “When I saw the ratings at your hospital, I knew I had to get a spot in there!”

Darlene finds herself continuously motivated by her progress in therapy. Throughout her entire stay, she has maintained an amazing attitude. “Accomplish something new in therapy every single day” was her motto. One of the staff members that helped keep Darlene’s spirits up was our physical therapist, Louie. Darlene noted how Louie would push her to reach her goals but was always patient when she needed it most.

Darlene is now able to write cursive again and has gained her independence back. She remains motivated to continue using the therapy techniques she learned at RHNI to keep her recovery going. Her husband, Frank, spoke about how nervous their family was in sending Darlene to rehab. But they are so thankful for how much progress she has made and what a great experience she had at RHNI.


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