Laverne Molenda

Laverne Molenda sits in her room at Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana with a book and flowers from her husband, Ron

Laverne Molenda seeks to regain her strength and mobility at RHNI so she can get back to traveling

Before her fall, Laverne Molenda lived a full and pain-free life. Laverne spent her days reading, traveling with her husband, Ron, and visiting her grandchildren in Indianapolis. She particularly loved traveling to different vacation spots. Her travels included places as near as Michigan and as far as Europe.

Laverne and Ron heard about Rehabilitation Hospital of Northern Indiana from her physician, Dr. Afyouni. The Molendas trusted Dr. Afyouni’s opinion and expertise, choosing RHNI for Laverne’s recovery. They knew she would be in good hands and receive the rehabilitation she needed to return to her full life.
When asked who helped her the most through her journey, Laverne didn’t hesitate: “Ron!” Laverne’s husband has been very supportive and caring during her recovery. The role of loving supporter is one to which Ron has become accustomed. Two years ago, Laverne was diagnosed with trigeminal neuralgia. This chronic condition can cause simple stimulation, like brushing your teeth or putting on makeup, to trigger excruciating pain. Through it all, Ron has been right by Laverne’s side.
Laverne and Ron also credit her physical therapist, Louie, for his role in her recovery. “Louie is very good with her and her therapies,” Ron said. “He pushes her just enough to encourage her.” Louie and Laverne have been working on walking and balance. “Those are the areas she needed the most focus,” Ron stated. “Louie is very patient with her, and that’s very important to me.”
Laverne’s motivation is to simply get well. This is what pushes her daily to keep working toward recovery. Her goals are to walk again without any devices, get stronger, and have less pain. Every day at RHNI, Laverne gets closer to her goals.
Looking ahead, Laverne is excited to get back to her social life. She looks forward to going to lunch with her friends again, and traveling with Ron to visit family and see new sites!
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